How to share your new gained knowledge?

25. 5. 2022

You have successfully completed the course, received a certificate and you are thinking what to do next? You are definitely happy that you completed the course. Don’t be shy to share the happiness and let the world know about your new knowledge! People need to know about you these days. You have several options.

Put the course in your CV

Don’t forget to update your CV. Describe what you have learned from the course and how your new skills and experience can be useful for a potential employer.

Add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile

Do you have your job and education filled in on LinkedIn? And did you know that you can also have your certificates and licenses on your profile? It’s easy, you can find the “Licenses and certifications” tab on your professional profile. Then click on the “+” button and fill in the name of the course/certification, publisher, issue date and don’t forget to add the link to the certificate. The certificate must be available online. If you don´t have a link then we recommend uploading the certificate to your personal cloud.

Share the certificate as a post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn as a professional network also enables the sharing of documents in pdf format. You can simply write a new post, show off to the world what new you have learned and attach a certificate as an attachment. Then just make sure to thank you for all the congratulations 😁.

Hang the certificate on your wall

If you have your office, we definitely recommend having the certificate on the wall. Not only it makes you happy, but it will also attract business partners who visit you.

Of course, all of our tips can be applied to any certification or course you have taken in the past. If you share a certificate from our course, we will be happy if you mark us as @EDU Trainings.

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