Microsoft Excel – Advanced Methods and Functions

Course code: MSEXAM

This course is assigned for skilled Microsoft Excel users, who want to use special tools, techniques, methods and functions.

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Course dates

Starting date: Individual

Type: In-person/Virtual

Course duration: 3 days

Language: en/cz

Price without VAT: 330 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
Individual In-person/Virtual 3 days en/cz 330 EUR Register
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Course description

This course is assigned for skilled Microsoft Excel users, who want to use special tools, techniques, methods and functions.

Course structure

Conditions in formulas

  • IF function, other logical functions
  • CHOOSE function
  • Specific Excel 2016 functions conditioned by using Office 365

Database functions

  • Critaria tables
  • Kind of criteria
  • Best practices

Lookup functions, joins of datasets

  • VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP functions
  • INDEX function
  • MATCH function

Retrieving data from external databases

  • Basic ways of external data importing in Excel
  • Definition of datasource
  • Import using MS Query application
  • Configuration of external data range
  • Import using PowerQuery addin


  • Relations between Excel Tables
  • Definition of Datamodel using PowerPivot addin (introduction to topic)
  • Relation between datamodel and PivotTable (extension of PivotTable calculation power)

PivotTable reports

  • Concept of PivotTables
  • Aggregation funcions, analytical calculations
  • Additional calculations
  • Calculated fields, ratio
  • Data Consolidation using PivotTable
  • Synchronized controling of PivotTables group


  • Scenario as attribute of sheet
  • Stored cells

Special mathematical methods

  • Solver
  • Goal seek
  • Matrix formulas

Advanced operations with worksheets/workbooks

  • Named ranges
  • Pojmenování oblasti buněk na listu pomocí pole názvů
  • Příkaz pro práci s názvy
  • Global/local names
  • Absolute/relative names
  • Named formulas & constants
  • Using of name in formula
  • Comparation to labels
  • 3D formulas (Workbook as 3D structure)
  • Workbook window visibility
  • Interactive dynamic graphical controls (Combobox, Checkbox, OptionButton, etc.) in forms, calculations, model and visual reports.

Worksheet/Worbook protection

  • Exceptions for specified users


  • Macro recorder
  • Ways of macro execution
  • Assignment to floating object in worksheet
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