EPI Birthday
EPI Birthday

35% discount on all TOD courses from EPI

19. 4. 2022

We are celebrating EPI’s 35th birthday this week (April 18-22)! In addition to the celebrations, we have reduced the prices of all EPI Training-On-Demand courses by 35% as part of this event. Choose the course you want to take, click on it and then you can register for the course dates in the form of On Demand at the lower price by the end of this week.

EPI Academy is an EPI Training-On-Demand (TOD) platform where you can watch online data center and IT management video courses anytime, anywhere and on any device. These are the same courses attended by thousands of IT and data center professionals from around the world.

Each lesson lasts only 10-20 minutes. Therefore, you can schedule courses to suit your program. You will have access to each course for 12 months.

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